The original stories we tell bring the mystery genre to the next level with adventure, intrigue, tragedy, and comedy. Your role is to serve as detectives, charting the path of our journey by determining which clues to pursue, which suspicious-looking characters to interrogate, and which doors and secret passages to take. You've got to solve the mystery before you get stuck with a red herring!

In 2015 we're featuring the story of Lacey Ward, Girl Detective. In this interactive adult Nancy Drew parody, the audience must choose which clues to follow as our plucky teenage girl detective attempts to discover whether a conspiracy exists to poison all of the rich residents of her gated community.

We begin with a dying bee colony at the edge of town and work our way up to the dark and mysterious lodge beside the marsh. Choose wrong and the mystery will grow tangled and complex, but there's always hope that the next clue will unravel the whole puzzle. Explore the world of biological, chemical, and mineral specimens as our heroine makes a beeline for the truth.

Our performance is portable. We can either come to you or arrange to host you at our home theater in Hamilton, NJ.

Duration: 90 to 120 minutes