Join us for an inverted, extroverted, and thoroughly subverted competition of ridiculous proportions featuring such instantly classical games as “Not Falling Out of A Chair,” “The Triple-Loop One-Legged Circle Stand,” and “I Found This.” This ill-advised, performance-based, quasi-athletic event features three primary performers: a referee and two team captains who draft passers-by to join them on the virtually real battlefield of nonsensical action to determine who does or does not have what it takes to be considered sufficiently odd. So pull on your long johns, grab your pruning sheers, and oil up the pigskin. It's time for some olympic-sized amusement.  


Participants are introduced to the tools necessary to create original stories with an ensemble, learning how to build on their own creative intuition and the input of their fellow actors. These tools allow actors to learn how to work interactively not only with their fellow performers but, ultimately, with audience members so that they can develop a truly immersive experience for everyone involved.


Learn the art of storytelling from Dr. Rob C. Thompson and Olivia Litteral, hosts of the popular paranormal podcast, Occult Confessions. Olivia and Rob talk about how they frame stories that capture and hold an audience's interest and share their experiences interacting with listeners across the country and around the globe.  

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