Join us for an inverted, extroverted, and thoroughly subverted competition of ridiculous proportions featuring such instantly classical games as “Not Falling Out of A Chair,” “The Triple-Loop One-Legged Circle Stand,” and “I Found This.” This ill-advised, performance-based, quasi-athletic event features three primary performers: a referee and two team captains who draft passers-by to join them on the virtually real battlefield of nonsensical action to determine who does or does not have what it takes to be considered sufficiently odd. So pull on your long johns, grab your pruning sheers, and oil up the pigskin. It's time for some olympic-sized amusement.  


The Chesapeake Experience celebrates local history with a series of historical figures and major events beginning with the Algonquin Indians. The actors explore the burning of the Peggy Stewart by colonists protesting British taxes; the life of Jeremiah Banning, a sea captain from Talbot County who was one of only two to survive imprisonment by French privateers in Martinique; the daring triumphs of Harriet Tubman on the Underground Railroad route from Dorchester County through Delaware; the bold resolve of Frederick Douglass who stood up to his slave master and escaped to freedom and a long career as the voice of abolition; and the self-isolation of the Chesapeake's Thoreau-like literary icon, Gilbert Byron. 


This performance, ritual, workshop, and experimental adventure delves into the myths that led to the fabled Trojan War. In this interactive event, audience members are also participants, joining the performers as active collaborators. Become the Olympian Swan, discover Helen of Troy, help Paris choose his favorite goddess, and battle for the fate of the city. We encourage performers and non-performers alike to take part. All talents, skills, and creative energies are welcome contributions to our collective exploration. 

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